Wednesday, August 1, 2012

July Favorites: Gold & Statement Pieces

These couple of months have seem to pass by quick. Its already August and there are only four more months left in this year! We are loving some of the fashion trends for the summer. We wanted to share some of our favorites for the month of July. We always like to be fashionable at a budget and try to look for sales. Often we find great buys at a reduced price or on sale. Also, buying dupes for other name brand products are great alternatives for staying in style at an affordable price. For this month we are loving jewlery and accessories. These are great pieces that can dress up any outfits to make them look classy, elegant, and sophisticated. It good to step out of your comfort zone and try styles and jewlery that you might not have thought of. It is all about having fun and creating your own unique style! I hope that you all like our July favorites and get inspired!

I love adding color to any outfit I style. One of the ways to achieve this is by selecting bright bold nail polish colors. Two of my favorite colors this month have been the Gold Jewel FX nail polish from Milani and this gorgeous Pink nail polish from Nabi.

For the month of July, I added several jewelry pieces in my wardrobe. Two of my favorite jewelries are from H&M. I love the versatility of the gold chain necklace and the assorted gold and pearl bracelet. These are great statement pieces that are modern and trendy.

One of my favorite hair products that I always rely on for styling my hair is this hair serum from John Frida. This frizz-ease formula is perfect for taming my hair on frizzy days and leaving it smooth and manageable. I love this product!

One of my favorite beauty products this month has been this Lash Blast Volume mascara from Covergirl. I love the volume it adds to my lashed and the brush is the perfect tool for transforming my lashes into voluminous lashes for all-day wear.

My favorite jewelry item that I added to my wardrobe this month is this Golden Lion Medallion Necklace from H&M. This is my favorite piece this month. This piece is trendy, fashionable, and adds a retro feel to any look. This is a great statement fashion-forward piece.

One of my favorite purchases for this past month has been this white Aldo bag. It looks classy and dresses up any outfit. The bag came with this scarf wrapped around which gives it such an elegant look. I like to pair the bag with tan or brown shoes and it is a perfect match. The best part is that this bag was on sale!

Lately, I have been loving hoop earrings. One of my favorite additions to my jewlery have been hoop earings. I got these pair of earrings on sale in Sears on sale and I am really loving them. The are great statement pieces to any outfit. I love the detailing of these earrings.  

These have become one of my favorite earrings in my jewlery collection. I love the shapes and style of these earrings. To make these earrings stand out, I like to pair them with a neutral color top. I got these pair of earrings along with other hoops on sale which have become great additions to my collection at an affordable price.

As soon as I saw this necklace, I knew it was a great investment piece to add to my collection. I got this necklace at Khols. I love that it was at a reasonable price but it does not look cheap. It is chuncky and nice but not heavy. It dresses up an outfit nicely. I wore this necklace to a wedding and I loved how it complemented my outfit. I love that I will be able to wear this necklace with many outfits.

I want to add more clutches to my bag collection and this is a perfect addition. It is girly and classy. I love the sparkle at the end and the color is perfect with wear with nude pumps to dress up any outfit. I love the size of the clutch and it does not feel too overwhelming.

These nude pair of Aldo shoes have become one of my favorite pairs of shoes. They are comfortable to walk around and a nice fit. These have high heels so I wouldn't recommend walking in these shoes all day. I love that these are nude and I can pair them with any outfit, especially pattern pieces.

thanks, xoxo!
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